Mom asked if we wanted to go to camp today.

Uh, duh, Mom, of course we want to go! It’s only the best place ever! We get to play outside all day with our friends. I hope Spot and Buddy are going to be there. And Molly and Roxie, too. They are hilarious. Roxie can’t stand to get her paws wet and Molly always tricks her into running through the sprinklers; then, Roxie totally freaks out and gets so grumpy!

My favorite is playing tug of war with Sammie. He is a big yellow fella and he is so strong. Sammie usually wins but I don’t care, it’s fun anyways. One time Sky helped me win and I don’t think Sammie liked that. Shh, can you keep a secret? I have a tiny crush on him! But don’t tell my parents because they can be SO embarrassing sometimes! One time at the dog park, I was running with┬ámy friends and tripped and my Mom┬ácame running over to see if I was OK like I was a puppy.

At night time we get snacks and I get to stay with Sky in the same room. Our counselors say we are supposed to be sleeping, but I usually just talk to my neighbors. Then in the morning, we get to go back outside all day!

I know when it gets close to when we are going back home because they give us baths. I hate that. And what’s even worse is they cut my nails! It’s just awful! I wish Mom and Dad would tell them to stop doing that, but every time we get picked up Mom goes on and on about how good we smell. So then I go home and roll in the yard. Hmpf, take that mom!

Things I like about camp:

  • Staying outside all day
  • Not getting yelled at by Mom and Dad
  • Playing with my friends
  • Seeing Sammie

Things I don’t like about camp:

  • Baths
  • Baths
  • Baths

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